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Located in Gravenhurst ,Ontario, we are in the heartland of Muskoka lakes, with it's rich history of steamships such as the R.M.S. Segwun , motor yachts such as Ditchburn boats, Greavette boats , and Minett-Shields.

At Straight Shooter Tops, our goal is to honour that tradition by reproducing the craftsmanship of those early boat builders. Anything fabric related to boats, classic auto's, seadoo's, ski doo's, motorcycles etc. We have two perimeters that we call our business plan - a) fabric, b) mobile . Outside of that, other projects to be considered would be anything related to the use of outdoor fabrics in general.

Finally, forget about all that if service is poor... to us it's service first . Everything else is a distant second, period , end of story.

If we may say, how appreciative and thankful we are for your business and the trust you place in us.

kindest regards,
Neil J Sturge and SST team.


We provide a custom made service for boat top canvas and upholstery ,as well as automotive interiors and RV applications. We have had requests for everything from institutional seating to wheelchair upholstery . Our first consideration is how to make an outstanding product , a product that distinguishes itself , being equal to or superior to the original. So, no matter where you are in the world , if your boat, car, or RV is here in Muskoka ,we can restore it.Contact us now!

Automotive Interiors

Automotive Interiors

The always popular market in vintage and classic cars , comes with the need to restore seat vinyl , leather surfaces , carpets, headliners etc. We do a limited amount of automotive restoration on the premises , and especially if a client can bring the seats to us, saving time and money while keeping your project at home . More

Boat Top Canvas and Upholstery

While UV inhibitors are built into modern exterior fabrics, the Sun’s energy still takes it’s toll. I often tell people if the boat is in the direct sunlight all summer long, year after year, even the best fabrics are really starting to break down after 10 years or so. Seat vinyl is the same, so it’s best to protect it under a cover. More

boat top canvas
RV applications

RV Applications

Whether it’s the interior furniture on your RV, or a seadoo seat that’s seen too much sun…. snowmobile, motorcycle, 4x4 etc. The idea is to start by repairing the foam( if possible), consider design improvements, pick quality fabrics, and sew a nice fitting cover so that our customers are excited about the end result!


Sorry we didn't get back to you when we were in Canada. The piece you added to the burgundy bow cover ( Chaparral on Sparrow Lake) , solved the leaking problem in the bow. We had some heavy rains after that, and it kept the bow dry. We appreciate your efforts and your quick work. Thank you

Jon & Karen Thompson - Sparrow Lake (South Muskoka)

Neil Sturge (Straight Shooter Tops) made a wonderful cover for my 25 year old Starcraft boat. He used heavier (Sunbrella Smoke), better quality material, made the top to fit perfectly and installed larger and better vinyl windows making visibility from the boat in inclement weather easier...

Howard Kitchen - Bala ( Lake Muskoka )